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User management and creation

How to create new users, associate them with circles, send them an invitation, filter them by role...

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Group creation and management

How to create a new group, associate it with user circles, filter it by theme, configure the type of content that will be published there ...

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Video conferences in your intranet

In the last weeks, due to the #covid19 crisis, the amount of video conference calls has literally boomed to unprecedented levels. As switching from one tool to another is not the most efficient approach, we’re glad to report that we have now included a video conference module within idloom-wall for all your internal meetings!

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Remote working and efficient communication

A new version of idloom-wall has been deployed. We’re proud to announce important new features, user experience improvements and, as usual, various little fixes.

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Integrate an image bank into your social extranet

idloom-wall’s image bank module gives you all the functionalities of a professional image bank and makes it collaborative.

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Google Analytics dashboard and reports for your intranet/social extranet?

The objectives of your social intranet are of course manifold: better dissemination of content, increased numbers of visits, engagement and user participation etc. All this must of course be carefully measured to analyze in detail the performance of your project.

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Idloom featured in The Silicon Review’s “30 Best Small Companies to Watch 2018” ranking

We’re happy to announce our nomination in this prestigious ranking

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How will your social intranet adapt to your organizational structure?

Circles, groups, profiles: It is important to understand these different concepts and how their association allows you to achieve the perfect match between the functional or administrative structure of your organization and the topics and interests of your members.

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