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Online Strategy in a Digital World

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About idloom-consulting

Alongside software solutions and services, idloom offers customized support and consulting under its branch idloom-consulting.

We have the particularity of offering a unique combination of technological, marketing, and management expertise.

We tackle complex problems with a systematic approach, combining creativity, originality, and structure, to deliver maximum value creation to our clients. And because we believe every organization is unique, we develop taylor-made solutions.

Compared to our competitors, our attention to detail combined with deep industry knowledge and expertise allows us to go the extra mile in delivering first class solutions to your most complex innovation and business strategy problems in today's digital ecosystem.

Main focus of consulting work

Online ecosystems

idloom-consulting is specialized in analyzing, building and optimizing organizations' global digital presence.

We apprehend the digital ecosystem as a whole, and consider all existing aspects and channels in every recommendation and assistance we provide. Whether your company needs to revisit its corporate website, to generate online leads or prospects, to scale up its online operations... idloom turns your objectives into concrete and measurable actions.

e-business support

idloom-consulting helps organizations in making their e-business ventures a success.

e-business plan creation, financial modelling, business strategy, marketing strategy, digital presence optimization,... idloom offers a complete set of skills transforming embryonic ideas into business realities !

Digital transformation

In today's digital world, organizations are forced to become flexible and reactive to adapt and survive to an increasing number of disruptive innovations. While some changes may be insignificant for some, others need to truly reinvent themselves and adapt their business models and processes to the new rules of the game.

By combining digital and business expertise, idloom works hand in hand with companies and organizations to solve their most complex digitalization problems.