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Why Crypto-currency?

Low fees

Cryptocurrency networks offer fees which are significantly lower than any banking institution, allowing global transactions at low cost to you.


The nature of the blockchain within the context of cryptocurrency, is that it is a distributed ledger of transactions, without one single controlling authority.


Due to the large decentralised nature of the Bitcoin network, transactions can be broadcast around the world in under an hour.

Global transactions

There are thousands of Bitcoin users all over the world, in every country, meaning that transactions can be quickly propagated throughout the entire network.


Monero offers complete transaction privacy, while even the Bitcoin protocol offers pseudo-anonymity for all transactions.

About idloom-events

idloom-events is a state-of-the-art events registration platform, designed to help you organise and manage your corporate events (of all kinds: seminars, webinars, etc.) effortlessly through the automation of most processes (multi-page event website creation, attendee management, payment processing, badge printing, hotel room booking, invoice generation, on-site quick check-in, etc.).

The tool allows for substantial savings both in terms of time spared and in terms of costs, while offering professional event management features significantly simplifying the process of organizing an event.

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