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You’re offering credit card as a payment method for your event, but for some reason, one of your registrants didn’t finish the payment procedure using Ogone or Paypal.

In that case, the registration status is “pending” and the payment status is “waiting for payment”. If, later, the registrant wants to reprocess the payment by credit card or change his payment method, simply follow these steps.

Normally, if the payment has been cancelled, the registrant should have received a confirmation email containing the customised “cancelled payment text” procedure and a link leading directly to the payment step of the registration process.

There, the registrant can re-select the credit card payment method and re-process the check-out and payment procedure, or can select another payment method and finish the registration. 

If the registrant doesn’t have the confirmation email anymore, just go in the “see guests” list and click on the “Send reprocess payment e-mail” function on the appropriate guest.


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