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We're proud to announce the launch of idloom-events 4.01 with the new "Mobile quick check-in" module !

This version introduces the quick check-in feature, allowing participants to check in to an event via a QR code displayed on their e-ticket, directly from their smartphones or tablets !

No more endless lines at the gates, the feature allows for a rapid and smooth checkin !

Event organisers can simply scan participants' QR codes at the gates via a mobile app compatible on all devices: smartphones, tablets, computers... The participant's status (checked-in, not registered, etc.) is then immediately synced with the idloom-events platform, automatically.

Save time and increase efficiency at the gate with this exciting new feature !

Version 4.01 new features:

  • New pricing plan: Free events are now unlimited, whatever plan you have.
  • New quick-check-in module with QR-code and registrants quick-search
  • Event edition improvements:
    • Simplified Free events creation
    • Simplified VAT management for registrations
    • Split payment and invoice details into 2 separate modules
    • various small bugs solving...
  • Registration to an event improvements:
    • Rebranding of the confirmation emails and invoices
    • New e-ticket with QR-code integrated in the confirmation email
    • New Google, Outlook, iCal and Yahoo calendar integration in the confirmation email
    • various small bugs solving...

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