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Idloom access roles

Manage what users can see and edit on your idloom-events account!

Are several users working on your idloom-events account? Do you give access to your clients or partners to your backend, but want them to be able to see the guest list of only one particular event, not all ? Do you have staff dedicated to doing check-ins only, while others manage the actual event page?

With idloom-events permissions’ module, you can easily manage access rights and permissions for each of your users!

Here’s how it works:

  • From your account backend, navigate to the permissions tab, where you’ll see all your account’s users listed
  • To edit a user’s permissions, simply click on his/her name and select “Edit”
  • There, you’ll see two types of permission settings;
  •  “Account permission” – (available from Premium subscription) there are two types of account permissions:
  • Admin” – can access all general account menus, such as settings, subscription plan, and permissions.
  • Limited access” – only has access to the events’ menu as well as guest lists, but not to any core setting of the account.
  •   “Permissions per profile” – (available with Corporate subscription only) there are three types of profile permissions:
    • Admin” – can access all events and features linked to the profile
    • Limited” – prevents the user from modifying event data and profile settings. For all events organized under this profile, the limited user can only view and modify the guest list, view statistics, and manage the check-ins for this profile’s events (only).
    • No access” – a user with no access to a profile won’t have access to anything under this profile and won’t even notice its existence.

idloom Permissions panel

Tip: limited account/profile access is recommended for staff checking guests in, or any outsiders who shall not have access to sensitive data. 

Tip: limited profile access is particularly useful if you organize events for several of your clients under multiple profiles. It allows you to give access to their profile only, keeping all your other clients’ profiles inaccessible to them with the “No access” role.

Unlimited users can be created with all our pricing plans. Account permissions can be set up from our Premium subscription, while profile permissions are only available to Corporate subscriptions.

Because our clients have unique needs, idloom-events lets you manage your users’ access roles with precision.


Enjoy !

Idloom-events Support Team

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