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Idloom is happy to announce its partnership with the on-site audience interaction tool Keybate !

Idloom has entered into a partnership with Keybate, an on-site interaction app that allows attendees to communicate with eachother and speakers to interact with their crowds in a never-seen-before manner.

In conferences and debates, waiting for the wireless microphone in order to ask questions can be quite disruptive or even so slow that it ruins the flow of interactions. Keybate solves this problem by turning smartphones of every conference’s attendees into high-quality wireless microphones connected to conference room's AV system.

The mobile app also allows attendees to send text questions, answer live polls, and interact with other attendees, either directly or through social networks. 
More info at www.keybate.com.

If you’re interested in this great tool, simply send an email to info@idloom.com mentioning your request. Our team will be happy to help you out in configuring your account! Alternatively, you can contact Keybate directly at contact@keybate.com mentioning idloom in your message.

Good luck with your future events!

The idloom-events Team

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