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When setting up an event, idloom-events lets you choose between multiple languages for your event’s dedicated website. This quick guide will show you how to set up the language of a given event website, and how to set up multiple language sites.

How to set up the language for an event

  • In the event editing page, go to the section “EVENT WEBSITE”
  • Select the desired language from the drop-down menu
  • Save.

This will set up your event page in the language of your choosing. Every guest registering through this website will register in that given language. 

How to take registrations in multiple languages

If you want to take registrations for a same event in multiple languages, with websites available in each of these languages, follow these simple steps:

  • Create your event website like usual, choose any language you like, and type at the end of the URL the chosen language’s code (i.e. for English you would type “-en”)
  • In the backend, from the events’ list, click on the newly created event and select “Copy”; this will create an exact copy of your event 
  • Edit the newly duplicated event, and pick another language in which you want to have the website (Edit -> “EVENT WEBSITE” -> language drop-down). Again, add at the end of the URL the language code. 
    Note: don’t forget to change the language of the texts in your event description, confirmation texts, emails, categories and options, etc., as the language settings only apply to the website itself, not the content you have edited.
  • Repeat the operation for as many languages you want your website to be available in.

You will be left with multiple event sites, one for each language, taking registrations for a single event. Simply communicate the various event URLs for the multiple languages, and guests will be able to choose in which language they register. Guests will now be able to register from an event website in their own language.

 Good luck with your future events !

The Support Team.

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