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Embed registration forms on your website new feature

Embed events registration forms on your website

Seamlessly integrate the registration form and process created using idloom-events into your own corporate website. Copy paste a code and it’s done! This feature lets you keep your own website and collect registrations directly from it, not forcing visitors to be redirected to a separate page for their registration.

How to integrate the registration form into your website?

From now on, nothing more simple:

  1. Go to the admin interface of idloom-events;
  2. Edit the event for which you want to integrate the registration process into your website;
  3. Click on "More actions > Embed link"
  4. Click on the "copy" button
  5. Edit your site and paste the code into the HTML source of your page.
Embed popup


Idloom-events will automatically integrate the complete registration and payment process into your site.

Available from the Premium price plan.

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