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Checkin per session

Scan attendees’ badges for check-in at the entrance of each individual session or workshop !

Do you organize events with multiple sub-parts, workshops, or sessions? Do you require attendees to check in to these individual sessions, to keep track of who attended what ?

Idloom-events’ new state of the art session check-in module allows you to scan guests’ badges (QR codes) at the entrance of each individual session/option/workshop/etc. !

You can easily know who attended what sessions, and even how long they stayed, by checking them in and/or out of each session! All the information is available in your backend in individual check-in lists, as well as in your comprehensive statistics dashboard.

Until now, idloom-events’ proprietary check-in system allowed you to check in your attendees at the entrance of your event, by simply scanning the QR code of their e-tickets. You could then, directly from the mobile check-in page, see each attendees’ details, check their payment status, print out badges, etc. But until now you could not extend check ins to the sub-parts of your events…

This new feature makes your favorite event management software even more powerful !


Idloom-events Support Team

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